A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman's pregnant abdomen. This is used as a keepsake of her pregnancy. The best time to make a belly cast is towards the end of the third trimester of pregnancy which is when the belly is at it's full growth. 

The casting process is designed for the mother and baby/babies  comfort and well being. 

The material used is  100% non-toxic plaster strips which  are completely safe for  both baby/babies and mother. Before applying the plaster the belly is lathered with a natural ointment in order to allow for a smooth cast removal.



Bundle Of Joy $275

Full torso to include chest, breast, shoulders, and of course the baby bump

Great Expectations $350

Full torso, plus additional body parts (hands, arm, etc.) 

Life Bowl $150

Belly only 

Photography documentation $50 for those interested in documenting the process of creating their belly cast 

Cast Restoration/Finishing Treatment $100

For those who made their own belly cast and want it professionally finished, this includes strengthening of the cast as well as necessary repairs

Decorations $150 - $1500

For those interested in having their sculpture professionally decorated with glass, crystals, lace, glitter, flowers, etc.

* All sessions are in your home, approximately an hour each. All supplies and finish are included. A non-refundable $75 deposit is required at time of booking. The balance will be collected on the day of service.